Parafest 2020 at The Village

EAPI are proud to be working in conjunction with The Village Church Farm in hosting Parafest on 18th July 2020. This special event is held at one of the oldest buildings in Skegness, with a long history of haunted
tales and paranormal activity. With six highly respected, and carefully chosen speakers whom will be available to speak to throughout the event, and a special VIP option to join in on the evening investigation

£20 DAY PASS – speakers, museum and stalls
£40 VIP PASS – includes day pass PLUS evening investigation with speakers (limited tickets)

• Full Ghost Investigation
• Full Access to Farm Museum
• Raffle
• Tarot Card Readings
• Cafe with Low Priced Quality Food
• Live Radio Show
• Stalls Selling Paranormal Goods
• And More

To book: message us or email, payment either bank or PayPal transfer. STALL owners wanted: Just £15 all day
(£5 will be donated to The Village Church Farm which goes to the upkeep of the museum)

STRICTLY adults only (Age 18 and over)

E.A.P.I. are based in Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK

Our Mission
Our mission is to research unexplainable events by collecting objective evidence using investigative techniques. We go into an investigation with an open mind but we NEVER assume that an event is Paranormal until all the evidence has been reviewed. We do not disregard the ability of those that say they are sensitive however we do not solely rely on subjective evidence to prove or disprove whether a place is haunted!
Who are we?

East Anglia Paranormal Investigations are based in Lowestoft. We are a group of people who are all volunteers that investigate the unknown with a view of providing evidence of the paranormal.

EAST ANGLIA PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS are a NON-PROFIT making organisation. We are self funding.
We are a Investigative Group purely interested in Research and evidence gathering.

We ARE NOT in competition with any other paranormal group therefore we are happy to forward the reports and evidence from our investigations to all our Like minded Colleagues and groups around the world.

Although we believe that a high percentage of perceived paranormal activity can be explained as natural or psychological in origin, E.A.P.I. team members remain open-minded to all possibilities, may it result in a ‘natural’ or a ‘potential paranormal’ conclusion.

For more information, please email or visit

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